Stainless Steel Spot DC Flash Butt Gl Welding

Model NO.
Stainless steel Spot Dc Flash butt gl welding
3-50kg 900-2100mm
HS Code
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Zhengzhou Weili Industrial Robot Co., Ltd. Diamond / Audited Supplier
Intelligent welding equipment welding robot is a special welding machine designed and developed by ZhengzhouWeili industrial robot Co., Ltd., which has the characteristics of low cost, high flexibility, stability and high efficiency.

1 mechanical part
The mechanical part of the intelligent welding equipment mainly consists of the left and right moving X axis, the front and rear moving Y axis, the upper and lower Z axis and the horizontal rotation R axis. The X, Y, and Z axes have three structures. Including high precision ball screw + slide rail, gear rack + rail, synchronous belt + slide rail. According to the customers different welding environment, choose the structure flexibly. The R axis is composed of a servomotor and a planetary reducer, which can drive the welding gun to adjust the welding torch posture. The main components of the equipment are selected brand-name manufacturers, to ensure the quality of the whole machine; also can be configured according to customer needs.
2 control system
Intelligent welding equipment control system uses welding special motion controller, which can realize four axis simultaneous linkage. It is used in welding line and arc welding of all kinds of plane 2D and space 3D. The highest support system of the five axis five linkage can be connected to the external positioner, used to complete a variety of complex welding or welding seam of large annular workpiece.
3 external auxiliary system
The external auxiliary system includes welding machine, power supply, welding gun, wire feeder, welding machine, jig and fixture. With the intelligent welding equipment dismantling machine for variable detachable double column single shaft rotary positioner, is composed of a bottom frame, turning mechanism and tooling installation frame, a precision of 0.1mm; the turnover mechanism is two column organization, the servo motor drive shaft, the driven shaft on the right side. The flexible combination method can not only satisfy the welding of the frame structure workpiece, but also can be used separately, the drive column is equipped with three grasping chucks to meet the welding of the round and tube workpieces.
Intelligent welding equipment, each traveling stroke completely covers the scope of the deflection machine, specially tailored for welding machine, the coordination is perfect.
Equipment characteristics
Simple operation, simple and easy to use — ordinary workers (both male and female) can be trained.
Program design flexibility - program control, welding trajectory and speed, can be welded in the plane arbitrary curve combination.
Ultra low failure rate, safety and stability —- reduce maintenance and save production cost.
Full range of system fault diagnosis function —- shorten the troubleshooting time.
High efficiency — 1.5 to 2 times more efficient than manual labor.
Flexible welding - different welding seam can be preset different sizes of welding current and voltage, meet different welding seam once welding molding.
Robot special welding gun —- comes with anti-collision sensor to prevent misoperation, damage to welding torch and equipment.
Welding slag protection — the whole equipment is fully sealed structure, which can effectively protect welding spatter and smoke dust, protect equipment and prolong service life.
Parameter description
Equipment specific parameters
Equipment weight: 650kg
X axis, effective stroke: 1500mm, stroke can be customized, moving speed: 1000mm/ seconds
Y axis, effective stroke: 500mm, stroke can be customized, moving speed: 800mm/ seconds
Z axis, effective stroke: 500mm, stroke can be customized, moving speed: 500mm/ seconds
R axis, rotation angle: 360 degrees, moving speed: 720mm degrees per second
Equipment power: 2300W device input voltage: AC220V
application area
The welding of stainless steel, automobile and motorcycle accessories, all kinds of containers, valves, handle, door handle, hardware, cylinder, scaffolding, casters, chair, bed frame, nail machine, guardrail, agricultural vehicle, handle, bathroom accessories, fitness equipment, shop, pot pie, kettle, handicrafts, toys, TV hanging foot. Consider all types of arc welding applications.
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