Self-Cleaning Stainless Steel Bag Type Filter

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Stainless Steel Bag Type Filter

Filter features:

     Into the top filter, patented bag collar structure and related accessories bag filter system consisting of:
     Good sealing effect, to prevent side leakage
     Effective filtration area, higher filtration efficiency
     Replace the filter bag is more convenient, lower operating costs
     Reasonable structure, filtered more stable, reliable
     Installation height adjustable to meet the specific requirements of space applications
     User-friendly design, all just for your sake
Single bag filter
     Provided # 2, # 1 and # 4 standard single bag filter, to meet different customer requirements.
     Providing 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel and other materials filter
     A variety of different materials O-ring, to meet the needs of different fluid operating temperature.

Top-in filter
     The internal space of the filter to use more fully, eliminate wasted space traditional side into the type of existence.
     Replace the lid open before you can quickly replace the bag, unlike traditional side into the type of bag pressed to remove the ring, reducing the chance of secondary pollution.
     Liquid inlet pipe broad and smooth, cover the top of the interior of the horn, the liquid can automatically enter the partial pressure of the impact of small bag, filter faster and more stable. After the liquid into the side of the filter into the machine internally generated turbulence, pressure loss is large, and may result in turning the bag inside the filter, resulting in unexpected rupture bag.

 Industrial stainless steel filter holder could be used for food grade application as well as industrial application such as water treatment, Chemical etc.

Stainless steel filter is a new filtration system inside the filter bag support basket made of metal, the liquid flows into the inlet, the outflow from the outlet bag filter impurities were intercepted in the filter bag after bag replacement can continue to use.

1. Stainless steel filter large capacity, small size, large capacity dirt.

2. Based on the working principle and structure of the stainless steel filter system, replace the bag when convenient, and filter-free cleaning, while saving time and labor.

3.Small bag side leakage probability, effectively guarantee the quality of the filter.

4.Stainless steel filter can carry heavier work pressure, pressure loss is small, low cost, energy-saving effect.

5.Bag filter accuracy constantly improve, it has now reached 0.5um.

6.Stainless steel filter wide range of applications, the use of flexible and diverse installation.
Technical parameters


Filter area

The maximum flow rate

The working pressure


Import and export connection

Filter Size


0.25 m2

20 m3/h

0.5-1.0 Mpa

8.0 L




0.50 m2

40 m3/h

0.5-1.0 Mpa

17.0 L




0.11 m2

10 m3/h

0.5-1.0 Mpa

3.80 L



Single Bag Filter Technical Parameters

Model Inlet & Outlet
Number of bags
The working pressure
The maximum flow rate Filter area Filtration accuracy
HJ DN25 1 1.6 12m3/h 0.1m2 1-100 Q235
HJ DN40 1 1.6 20m3/h 0.2m2 1-100 Q235
HJ DN59 1 1.6 40m3/h 0.5m2 1-100 Q235

Multi-bag Filter Technical Parameters

Model Inlet & Outlet
Number of bags
The working pressure
The maximum flow rate
Filter area
Filtration accuracy
HJ DN125 2 1.6 80 1.0 1-100 Q235
HJ DN125 3 1.6 120 1.5 1-100 Q235
HJ DN150 4 1.6 160 2.0 1-100 Q235
HJ DN200 5 1.6 200 2.5 1-100 Q235
HJ DN200 6 1.6 240 3.0 1-100 Q235
HJ DN250 7 1.6 280 3.5 1-100 Q235
HJ DN250 8 1.6 320 4.0 1-100 Q235
HJ DN250 9 1.6 360 4.5 1-100 Q235
HJ DN250 10 1.6 400 5.0 1-100 Q235
HJ DN250 11 1.6 440 5.5 1-100 Q235
HJ DN300 12 1.6 480 6.0 1-100 Q235
HJ DN300 13 1.6 520 6.5 1-100 Q235

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