Rapid Industrial LCD 3D Printer Based Large Building Size Resin 3D Prototyping Orthodontic Dental Printer

Model NO.
Machine Size
(L*W*H) = 525 * 460 * 725mm
Build Volume
(X*Y*Z) = 192*120*200mm
Z Axis Resolution
0.6 Micron
Net Weight
Working Temperature
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Jiangsu Ouring 3D Technology Co., Ltd. Diamond / Audited Supplier
OURING 3DTALK PRINTER FOR Digital Dental Solution

3DTALK DS200 is the professional-grade 3D printer for digital dental produced by Ouring, adopting LCD surface exposure molding technology. The equipment has obtained CE, RoHS, ESD certificates, passed the resin mechanical testing. Currently, it is widely used in digital dental, such as Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Medical Guiding Plate.

Jiangsu Ouring 3D Technology co., Ltd covers a production base of more than 30000 square meters, the production line is in accordance with the ISO9001 international standard system. Focusing on the manufacturing of 3D printers with FDM, LCD and large industrial grade series, the company is built with dust-free assembly workshops, packaging workshop, testing workshop, finished product workshop with a monthly production capacity of 5,000 units.



Model NO. DS200
3D Technology LCD Light Curing
Machine SIZE ( L * W * H ) 525 * 460 * 725mm
Working Temp 18ºC – 28ºC
Build Volume (X*Y*Z) 192 * 120 X*200mm
XY Resolution 75μm  2560 X 1600 px
Print layer thickness 0.016mm, 0.025mm, 0.05mm, 0.1mm
Light Source 405 nm UV LED
Interface USB
Control screen 5-inch touch screen
File Format 3D Format: .stl, .obj, .amf, etc  Printing File: .zip
Resin Tank Detachable integrated resin tank
Cooling System Liquid-cooled system
Enclosed Anti-dust, Anti-static
Printing Resin Professional dental restoration resin, dental orthodontics resin, dental implant guide resin
Connection U Disk. Wifi
Power Input AC110/240V 50/60HZ 400W

Equipment advantage:

1. Positioning Accuracy

3DTLAK adopts imported high-precision ball screw with precision up to 0.6μm, wear-resisting and silence. The low-cost equipment adopts T-screw, the positioning accuracy is only 2.5μm, and the commen screw has poor accuracy, low wear-resistance and high loss.


2. Heavy Load

During the process of repeating the film stripping, the printing platform continuously reciprocates in the resin tank, the printing platform is immersed in the resin solution, the resin has a certain viscosity, so a large pulling force is required, the 3DTALK adopts a double straight line and a multi-hole printing platform, which reduce the pulling force when the printing platform is pulled up. This design makes the movement more stable and fast. The low-end equipment generally uses a single guide rail or no guide rail, and the bearing weight is low and the printing speed is slow.

3. Consumer-grade integrated resin tank
The release film in the resin tank is a consumable product. After printing a certain number of times, a new release film is needed. For the convenience of users, 3DTALK use a consumer-grade integrated resin tank, user is convenient to replace the release film and save much cost, it also meets environmental requirement.

4. Professional homogenizing system
Since the light intensity will affect the molding accuracy, its very important to keep light  uniform for whole printing, especially for large format printer. 3 DTALK use 104 pcs imported UV LED array lamp beads as the light source, utilize the double-layer fly-eye lens to collimate and homogenize the light source. The uniformity efficiency can reach 85%, which will effectively ensure the printing precision of the large-size models. Low-cost machines generally use domestic single-lamp beads or single-layer lenses, which have poor homogenization efficiency and uncertain accurancy.

5. Double cooling circulation system
When LCD equiment print, the UV lamp will emit a lot of heat, and the printing model is reciprocating and stripping with the release film during printing.
The high heat will short the life of the LED lamp bead and affect the stripping stability, reducing the life of the release film. 3DTALK use a double-layer water cooling system to circulate heat from the LCD lamp bead and the LED screen, keep the temperature in a lower range, which will improve the stability of the device, ensure the life of key components of the printer, and make printing speed faster. Low-cost machines generally use air-cooled cooling systems, which have poor heat dissipation, low printing speed, and short life of optical components.


6. Anti-dust, Anti-static system

Optical components of 3DTALK LCD equipment are equipped with professional sealing and anti-static design of the whole machine, which can be used in complex operating environment, especially in denture processing plants, hand-held processing plants and other dusty environment.
This design ensure the effective output of optical components, making the printing process more stable and efficient. Since the image component is open, and the optical components are complex, user is difficult to clean by themselves. Therefore, 3DTALK dust-proof design is professional and necessary.

7.  Appearance
3DTALK use the hydraulic hinge to open the door. It has anti-pinch and shock absorption design. Most of the low-cost equipment adopts double hinge design or separate acrylic cover, which is inconvenient to operate and has low space utilization. The outer casing is designed with sheet metal structure to effectively isolate external light to ensure the stability of the printer.

8. Control screen:
3DTLAK control screen use a 5-inch color HD capacitive touch screen with an artificial mechanical rotatable design, it is more convenient and intelligent to operate than the resistive screen and the twisting operation device.

9. Large size printing platform & efficient production
3DTALK adopts 8.9-inch LCD screen, 192*120*200mm printing volume, which meet users large-format, high-size and multi-model printing,  industrial-grade SLA with point exposure, which is expensive but low accuracy.  DLP and low cost LCD equipment generally adopts a 5.5-inch liquid crystal display,  the printing size is small, which cant meet the mass production. The 3DTALK production efficiency is twice than the ordinary equipment, and the final model forming precision is controlled in ±0.05mm through software algorithm optimization. It has truly achieved large size and high precision.

10. Professional model processing software system
       3DTALK is equipped with professional digital intelligent slicing software, which has many powerful functions such as model detection, one-click flipping, automatic alignment, intelligent support, adding base plate, model shelling, adding leaking holes, horizontal compensation, layered preview, etc. Make model processing easier and simpler.

11. Consumables life tips
The imaging component is the core component of the device, which directly affects the success rate and accuracy of the molding. After a long time using, there will be light decay or even damage. The user can check the working state of the core component and the remaining life through the device prompt, and replace the spare parts in time.


12. Printing method:

  3DTLAK supports model printing in offline and WIFI mode.