High Temperature Resistant PTFE Coated Fiberglass Cloth with Adhesive Layer

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Teflon adhesive tape

PTFE (Teflon) tape on the surface smooth, good viscous resistance and chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance and excellent insulating performance, widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, heat sealing, electrical and electronic industries, where the need for anti – rahfu bonded insulation, corrosion resistant and other parts of the paste, and has repeatedly paste function.

After the fabric reinforced PTFE Teflon tape more with the characteristics of high strength, and can be used in sizing machine roller, thermoplastic stripping and other industries, can be used repeatedly and easy to replace. Can be directly attached to a variety of large surface and regular surface (such as the roller), the operation is simple. From spraying PTFE material need specialized equipment, special technology and must be transported to professional spraying processing factory limited. Products long-term use temperature of 260 degrees celsius.

Its main features are: 1 heat resistant performance is good (continuous use of temperature above 260 degrees C), even in the overheating of the heater can also be used safely. 2 good viscosity, melting of the packaging film “slag chip” will not stick to the heater. 3 excellent electrical insulation. 4 good stability, good durability, easy maintenance

For example, the application of Teflon tape:
1 used in food and drug plastic packaging industry hot sealing and cutting machine and high speed thermal sealing machine
2 the surface of all kinds of drying machine to prevent sticking treatment; laminating machine drying cylinder surface anti – adhesive treatment; guide roller, pressure roller surface anti – adhesive treatment; paper machine drying cylinder surface anti – stick treatment

3 other kinds of workpiece surface anti adhesive and anti sticking color, reducing friction

Teflon tape properties:
1 Application of this product can be omitted in the drying cylinder surface coating Teflon coating complex process, also played a role in preventing adhesion.
2 this product is resistant to high temperature of 260 DEG C, Teflon tape on the surface material (i.e., PTFE) – good viscosity and smooth wear resistance;
Back of the silica gel high temperature, paste firmly will not peel off. Long service life.
3 easy to use, do not need to remove and remove the drying cylinder, the site can be used to paste the anti adhesive tape to the surface of the cylinder.

4 greatly reduce the labor intensity, but also conducive to the protection of equipment. The down time is short, the comprehensive cost is low, and the economic benefit is high.