Commercial Lighting LED Panel Light with Emergency Backup

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Whether you need to maintain illumination of emergency and exit lighting on a single floor or throughout an entire campus,Green Lux Limited has an Emergency Lighting Power Solution to meet your needs. Our high-efficiency systems include uninterruptible power supplies and fast transfer systems designed to support all lamp sources, including HID, electronic low voltage, fluorescent, LED, quartz, incandescent, and mixed loads. 

We offer capacities ranging from 110VA/W – 50kVA/kW and all models incorporate self-testing and diagnostics in accordance. Optional features include seismic mounting, internal maintenance bypass switches, fast recharge, and enhanced metering systems.

GL designs and manufactures our equipment in-house and supports every product with testing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services, making us the only company you will need for the life of your equipment.

Functioning emergency lights are required to comply with state building and fire codes, insurance standards, and even OSHA standards.GL offers cost-effective, energy efficient emergency lights to meet a variety of applications including: industrial emergency lighting, high end architectural emergency lights, remote capable emergency lighting, recessed installation emergency lights, and wet location emergency lighting.

Our newest series of LED emergency lights use ultra bright, energy-efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). This configuration allows for low-voltage operation eliminating the need for a bulky sealed lead acid battery. Instead, units include maintenance-free NiCad batteries, making the unit much lighter and easier to install.

Part No. CCT Size(mm) Power Emergency Power Emergency backup CRI Function
GL-P300300 2700K-6500K 300*300mm 18W 6W/12W/18W 1-3 hours >80Ra Emergency
GL-P595595 2700K-6500K 595*595mm 40W/48W 12W~48W 1-3 hours >80Ra Emergency
GL-P600600 2700K-6500K 600*600mm 40W/48W 12W~48W 1-3 hours >80Ra Emergency
GL-P620620 2700K-6500K 620*620mm 40W/48W 12W~48W 1-3 hours >80Ra Emergency
GL-P3001200 2700K-6500K 300*1200mm 40W/48W 12W~48W 1-3 hours >80Ra Emergency
GL-P5951195 2700K-6500K 595*1195mm 48W/60W 12W-~60W 1-3 hours >80Ra Emergency
GL-P6001200 2700K-6500K 600*1200mm 48W/60W 12W~60W 1-3 hours >80Ra Emergency

Emergency kits features:

Advantage Features:
Battery for emergency requests a charging with low lasting current, Ni-Cd battery can perform a better over charge, over discharge, better high and low temperature resistance , long life-span, more safety, storage performance etc, thus, Ni-Cd battery outstands as the first solution for emergency battery backup.

Compared with Ni-MH,Li, Ni-Cd enjoys high advantage of cost in projects.

Battery and emergency driver have the feature of high and low temperature resistance, can be used and available in -20°–60° environment.

Our emergency device can consume only 30% power of the rated power of the LED lamps, is energy-saving, is dedicated to save cost for end consumers.

Two years warranty for battery materials, Battery matches IEC 61951-2003, cycle life is more than 500 times.

Manual instruction:
Emergency device must be checked each three month, and must be changed in mandatory retirement replacement after being used for 3 years.

Battery cannot be dismantled, in short circuit, in fire or water, in order to avoid dangerous accident.
It is recommended to charge the battery after discharge fully, and then battery can perform better.
It is recommended to charge 24 hours once at least once after battery is discharged, so that battery combination can reach a saturation condition. Inverter has the function of protection for charge, it does not overcharge battery. When battery reaches its saturation condition, it comes into trickle charge into order to compensate the self – discharge. Consumer can check the charge/discharge function of the inverter, that is to cut off utility AC, and then battery emergency backup provides power to
Green, red and yellow LED are for main supply, charge, breakdown; When battery is in saturation condition, it automatically turns into battery capacity maintenance to keep battery performance and life-span. With different capacity battery, it can provide 1-5 hours emergency lighting in different situation.
When the AC utility works, the inverter makes the emergency battery combination is in the operation of charging/ standby; when earthquakes, attack, explosion, etc unexpected accident or other emergency situation happens to the AC utility, which is in abrupt interruption, the inverter accordingly changes to the emergency battery combination for power supply to ensure a normal lighting and safety.
It is recommended to connect the wires strictly according to this manual instruction, it does not allow opening the box without written authorization.

Connection Attention:
1. Connect the wire strictly according to this wire diagram, it does not allow connecting to AC utility before all circuit and accessories are connected. All ports should be connected according this diagram.
(1)Connect Live wire L to the input port of live wire in the LED external driver, along this wire, it is recommend to set a switch S, this S switch just control AC wire, there is no effect to emergency lighting.
(2) Connect Naught wire N to the input port of of naught wire in the LED external driver.
(3) Connect Live wire from (1) port to the port of wall switch S, another end is connected the port
of Live wire port in LED lamp to port .
(4)Connect the + port in the LED driver.
(5)Connect the – port in the LED lamp to the – port in the LED external driver.;
(6)Connect the+ port in the LED lamp.

2. It does not allow no load to emergency device, either you want to check the function of emergency lighting or check the charging function of inverter.

3. The main power: Live wire and Naught wire should be connected to the main power directly, this L and N does not allow connecting to switch.

4. When LED lamp works under emergency backup, the LED lamp will not be controlled by wall switch.

5. Green signal: Power; Red signal: charging; yellow signal: breakdown.

6. Under emergency backup, Only LED lamps work, all signals in emergency device will be off.

Maintenance: Emergency chips are the core component in controlling charging/discharging, starting emergency lighting, so all wires must be correctly connected. It is recommended to discharge once three month after this emergency device is available in your lighting system to maintain the battery and extend the life-span of batteries. After this device is installed and available in your lighting system, there should be a professional electrician to check and maintain this device and system once three month. In case there are unexpected situation, it is necessary to repair and maintain or to inform us for